Computer Defense System


Computer security is very important today. Without a powerful computer defense system, if you connect online, you expose yourself to all kinds of minor and very serious attacks. Today, all business and commerce is done by computer. In addition, once the transaction is complete, it is sent over the Internet to another computer on which the transaction is verified and completed. It is very important to know the steps to follow before connecting to the Internet to secure your computer. Those who wish to compromise the systems are more and more inclined to make their way in their approaches. It also seems that with the technologies that change every day, it is more and more difficult to follow.

A good computer defense system means that when you first install any operating system, including the Apple operating system, all software updates are downloaded and security updates are applied. In Windows, set your security update options to at least “notify you” of updates, even if you do not want to download them automatically. It is also very prudent to ensure that all critical updates are downloaded and applied as soon as they are available. Microsoft Windows makes this easy with the Windows Update feature. Similarly, there is a feature called Software Update in the Finder under the “Apple Menu” called Software Update. It is essential that you do it regularly. If you do not have options configured to notify you immediately of updates, check them at least two to three times a month.

Another element of your computer defense system is your anti-virus software. In recent years, the biggest names in the antivirus industry have tended to inflate their product with more and more features that many users do not use or use sparingly. This imposes computing resources and slows down your computer as it tries to make more and more processes in the background. There are many retail packages, but they are not all created equal. Also note that program definition files (telling the program which viruses may exist on your computer) often expire at the end of the year, which means that you will need to renew your antivirus definition subscription to continue to receive updates. An alternative is a free antivirus software solution that provides free updates. One of the best is by a company called Grisoft. It’s called AVG. Although I can not link here, if you type “AVG Free” in Google, the link to the download page will be at the top of the list.

For your computer to work properly, you must also enable all firewalls in your system. For example, in the configuration panel of the latest versions of the Windows operating system (such as XP or Vista), you will find a security section (tab or icon). Once there, make sure the Windows Firewall is enabled. However, limit the installation of firewall software because not only can this cause program conflicts and slow down your system, but encrypted warnings about a possible intrusion will not be of any benefit to you and will not scare any inexperienced user. . Instead, install a router or have someone do it for you. Even if you only have one computer because a router is a physical firewall blocking potentially harmful Internet traffic for you. Much lower prices on computers now mean it’s affordable to have multiple computers. A router allows multiple computers to share a single Internet connection.

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